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Hi. I'm Kerry McCall. Many of my clients call me "The Phone Voice". Daily, I'm recording and producing the phone recordings, mesages and greetings used by businesses and networks nationwide. There's a good chance you've already heard my voice, and I'd like to have the opportunity to help you quickly get the greetings you need.

If your company is using a cloud-based VoIP service like Nextiva, Ring Central or 8x8, let me know when you send your script so I can create the correct audio file to use.

If you're using an in-house system like AT&T, Mitel, Avaya, etc., I'll create the phone greetings to input into these type of systems. Also, "Dial-In" service can be provided for phone systems that are unable to accept recordings.

Recording services for:

• Auto-Attendants
• Voicemail Greetings
• Voice Prompts - IVR
• On-Hold Messages and Music On-Hold
• Sub-Directory Recordings (After Hours, Hours and Location, Call Center, Office Closure-Inclement Weather, Product Descriptions, Returns Information, Shipping Info, Tech-Support Help, etc.

Auto-attendants, telephone messages and voicemail greetings that are created and produced quickly!

Voice over services - Phone Greeting Demos

Phone Recording Demos

Upbeat-Fast Food
Medical Office
On-Hold Message
On-Hold Message
On-Hold Messages
(Multiple Styles)

To get started - Email your script for a quote. And choose a narration style from the demos above.


Some of my clients:

Sample Phone Scripts

After Hours Voicemail for a Small Business:

Thanks for calling (our company). The office is currently closed. Office hours are 9am to 6pm, Eastern Time. Please leave a message at the tone and we'll call you back on the next business day. Thank you.

Voicemail Script:

You have reached (your business name). We may be on the line with another caller at the moment or away from our desk. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief message and we'll return your call promptly

Main Menu or Call Center Phone Script:

Welcome to (company name), (short brand wording). If you know your party's extension, you may dial it now. Please listen carefully as our menu options have recently changed.

If you would like to schedule and appointment - please press 1
If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment - press 2
To hear hours and location - press 3
For administrative services - press 4
To reach accounting - press 5
To leave a messge in the general voicemail box - press 9.
Or press zero for the operator.

Inclement Weather - Office Closure

Thank you for calling (business name). This office is closed due to inclement weather. We're normally open from 9am to 6pm Central time. Please call back on the next business day to insure we have re-opened. If this is an emergancy, press 3 for assistance

Holiday Closure:

Thanks for calling (ABC Inc). The office is closed in observance of the holiday. We will re-open Monday the 7th at 8am. If you need assistance, use our online form to email us or you can leave a message after the tone and a representative will call back when we return to the office. Thank you.

Call Transfer Recording - Promotional:

We're relocating! Starting March 1st you'll find us at 440 W. Main St. Please stay on the line while we connect you.

Call Transfer Recording - Informational:

We have extended our weekend hours for Friday and Saturday nights, now staying open until 9pm. Please hold while we connect your call.

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