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When you have a script that needs to be recorded and you're looking for just the right female voice to tell your story - then please click the link below to hear my demos...I could be a fit. I'm a professional female voice talent/voice actress who many clients rely upon for dependable business, educational, training and advertising narration. I do it all - narration for video, web, eLearning/tutorials or multimedia, presentations, explainer videos, advertising, etc.. I'm skilled at creating the specific voice over styles that fit the script...upbeat, youthful, conversational, sincere, compassionate, confident, whatever is most compelling for the target audience.

It's not only the sound of my voice that I bring to a recording session, it's also the skills and techniques I've honed over the years that allow my narration to blend seamlessly with the subject matter and bring the script to life. When the desire is for a warm voice that sounds wise, inviting or nurturing, I dial that in. On the other hand, my crisp voice steers towards more authoritative or more compelling, even a youthful overall tone.

A long list of clients have told their stories using my voice. From advertising to educational to informational. Promoting products and services or explaining new laws that impact the work environment. I've been the narrator on explainer videos, walked audiences through presentations, told the stories heard on documentaries and more. I'd be delighted to put my voice to work for your script and help, in my unique way, to share your story.

When casting for a voice over, request a brief demo and a quote - this will give you a good idea of how the narration will sound.

Narration and Voice Over Demos and Samples

Some of the clients I've had the pleasure to work with:

Female voice heard on botox, hyatt and wells fargo ads
female voice heard on Delta, UPS and Ralph's ads

Why There is a Benefit to Hiring a Professional Voice Over Talent

There is value in hiring a pro to narrate your script and can make that decision worthy of the expense.

Experience and Knowledge

Professional voice artists offer many years of experience and that gives them the know-how of applying the best read to varying styles of scripts and project types. They understand the components of what is needed and what is expected, this is best explained as a voice actor understanding what it is they are talking about so the narrative is done with confidence and a sense of authority on the topic.

Full-time Voice Talent and Available for Assignments

Voice actors record voice overs for a livelihood and are typically very eager to work their craft. It;s their main focus and they know what they're doing.

Great Audio is Produced Using the Right Equipment

Projects are guaranteed to receive high-quality audio files for their use with no background noise.

And if you're casting for a female voice talent, whether on site or online, put Kerry McCall's narration services to work for your marketing, corporate, training, advertising, explainer videos and more. Kerry McCall Productions provides the voiceover services businesses need.

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