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Professional voice over services for marketing, training, eLearning, advertising and more.

It's not only the sound or style that a voice talent brings to a script that makes it sound terrific, it's also a blending of techniques and the ability to connect. For example, a well-timed pause. Or emphasizing a word or phrase. Speeding up or slowing down a sentence for emphasis. There's the know-how of sounding relatable, having experienced what the listener is or may be feeling or getting them interested or excited about a topic. There are endless ways to connect via the speaking voice.

Many companies who have needed a spokesperson for their videos, online projects, educational, instructional, marketing and advertising materials have come to trust my narration services. Voice overs range from young 20's-something to mid-age, with a narrating voice style for most every project.

Take a listen to some of the samples below:

Female Narration Demos

Upbeat, natural style for technology in a 20's-30's vocal range. Sincere, real, trusting.

Advertising demo - young 20's-something vocal style. Positive, confident, engaging, fresh.

Tutorial, instruction information in a young to mid-age delivery. Warm, personable, friendly.

Business narrating in a dignified yet relaxed tone. Clear, genuine, authoritative yet easy-going.

I'd be delighted to lend my voice to your script and help, in my unique way, to tell a company's story or train a workforce.

Narration clients:

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What are some of the benefits of hiring a professional voice over talent for narration?

There is value in hiring a pro to narrate your script. Voice talent who are working in the studio daily can make that decision worthy of the expense with their years of experience and know-how. They can get up to speed with the script quickly and overall make the project sound more professional.

Experience and Knowledge

Voice talent may be able to offer years of experience that gives them the know-how of applying the best read to diffeent styles of scripts and project types. They understand the components of what is needed and what is expected. This is sometimes explained as a voice talent understanding what it is they are talking about so the narrative is done with confidence on the topic.

Full-time Voice Talent

Voice talent record voice overs for a livelihood. Consistency in the voicing of a script, correct inflection plus their perceivable ease and the speed of completing the recording of a script, give a voice professional the edge over having a company employee take on the task .

Great Audio is Produced Using the Right Equipment

Studio-quality audio files come with no background noise. It's easy for pros to accommodate differing audio file type requests as well.

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For your projects you can count on the best female voice overs and narration by Kerry McCall who has been providing narration services to business for years.
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