Voicemail, Auto-Attendants and Other Phone Recordings
Professional Recording Services for On-Hold Messages,
Auto-Attendants and Voicemail Greetings
Professionally Recorded Telephone Greetings

When a phone call is the first contact a potential client has with your company, hearing a professional phone greeting can set the tone positively. I'm a female voice talent who can make professional-sounding phone recordings that create great first impressions. The auto-attendants, voicemail greetings and on-hold messages below are examples of the recorded phone greetings I record for clients daily.

Phone Recording Demos
Voice Style
• Script suggestions or revising of current script
• Custom On-Hold Messages and Marketing Messages
• Holiday and seasonal messages
• Regular updating of recordings
• Recordings for virtual PBX/VOIPs
• Also Spanish-language greetings and English to Spanish translation

Dial-in services are available to record directly into mailboxes and extensions quickly and conveniently.
On-Hold Messages
(Different Voice Styles)
I'd love to produce great-sounding phone recordings for your company!

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Recorded Voice Prompts and Phone Greetings:

Professional recording services for main directory menus, auto-attendants, voicemail greetings, phone prompts, interactive voice response, transfer messages, informative recordings for office hours, directions, etc., and announcements

Your phone system may require a certain type of audio file for playback of the recording. The correct file type for playback with your system will be produced.

Some older phone systems are unable to input a recording. Not a problem! I can usually dial into the phone systems remotely and record a greeting over the phone. I've used this method for just one auto-attendant and also hundreds of auto-attendants for large corporations.

Recorded Advertising Messages For Clients Who Are Holding on the Phone Line:

On-hold recordings can be used as an additional marketing tool to increase sales, enhance brand awareness and keep customers informed. It's a great opportunity to offer plenty of information about products, services, specials and more. The beauty of on-hold messages is that this information can be communicated one-on-one. These messages can generate a number of questions from callers about services or products.

Choose a narration style from youthful to middle-age and in differing approaches from warm and caring to straight forward, confident and upbeat, all with a professional, personable tone.

On-hold messages or phone advertising messages are one option for callers on-hold. The other is music on-hold which is mostly music interspersed with a few brief messages thanking callers for holding.

To Get Started:

Email a script for a free quote. Once the script is ready to record the recordings are typically completed in 1 to 2 business days.