Professional Recordings for Voicemail, Auto-Attendants, On-Hold Messages and Other Phone Greetings

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Professional Voice Talent for Business Phone Systems

Phone Recording Services

Friendly - Polished Phone Greetings

Production services for all online VoIPS including Shoretel, Avaya and FluentStream.

You want your business to sound good, to sound professional, to convey a sense of trustworthiness when customers call. From warm and friendly to business-professional to classy and sophisticated - I'll give your business a phone voice that sounds appealing and enhancing to your business image. Whatever recordings you need - I produce them all. I create the audio files used for in-house phone systems or to upload and use with an online VoIP service. What you can count on is simply the best in phone recording services.

professional voice for voip phone providers
Voice Styles
• Music On-Hold, On-Hold Messages Marketing Messages
• Voice prompts
• Holiday and seasonal messages
• Regular updating of recordings if requested
• Recordings you can upload into virtual PBX/VOIPs
• Spanish-language greetings and English to Spanish translation

Dial-in services available, by calling and recording directly into mailboxes or extensions.
Domino's Pizza Greeting
Upbeat-Cheery On-Hold Message
On-Hold Messages
(Different Styles)
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Recording Services:

I create the audio files that companies use everyday with their telephone systems. If you don't see the particular type of recording that you want listed on this page, please ask about it.

For older systems that are unable to input a pre-recorded audio file - no problem! Create a temporary password and I'll dial in remotely and get your scripts recorded into the right extensions.

Information for Marketing or On-Hold Messages:

Used as an additional marketing tool, companies look to enhance sales and brand awareness and provide information to callers who are holding with these types of messages. It has an advantage over regular advertising in that there are less time constraints, so you can expand on info about products, services, specials and more. It's a nice opportunity to communicate this information in a one-on-one environment.

When a caller is waiting in the queue, customized on-hold or advertising messages are one option. The other is music on-hold giving callers mostly music interspersed with a few brief messages thanking them for holding.

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Female Voice Talent for 8x8, Nextiva and Grasshopper

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Professional female voice for business phone systems.