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Pro Recordings for Small Business Auto-Attendants
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Kerry McCall's clients call her "The Phone Voice" From her studio she creates a full spectrum of phone greetings used by businesses and networks nationwide.

Auto-Attendant, Voicemail Greetings, Phone Prompts:

I'm Kerry McCall and phone greeting services are my specialty. It can be a fairly speedy process with ecordings ready in just one or two days. I regularly produce small business auto-attendants and small business voicemail greetings and work with large corporations and networks too. From a simple main directory recording to a system tree that requires dozens of recordings, I do 'em all.

Dial in Service: If you're unable to input a pre-recorded audio files into your system - no problem! Create a temporary password and I'll dial in remotely and record into extensions or mailboxes.

On-Hold Messages or Telephone Marketing Messages:

Used as an additional marketing tool, companies can enhance sales and brand awareness and provide information to callers who are on hold. These messages have a nice advantage over traditional forms of advertising in that there are no time constraints for your message. A company can go into greater detail about products, services, specials and more. It's like having a receptionist who does some marketing or advertising while callers are on the line waiting for a representative. Plus, you can't beat communicating this information in a one-to-one environment.

While a caller is holding, customized on-hold messages are one option. The other is music on-hold. This latter option is mostly music with a few brief messages thanking them for holding.

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Telephone recordings can be produced for in-house phone systems or uploaded to the cloud and used with an online VoIP or PBX service.



Demos of voice talent telephone greetings and recordings

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Female voice person for voicemail, auto-attendants and phone prompts

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