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This is the place for great-sounding auto-attendants, voicemail greetings, phone prompts and more. Phone greetings that will make customers feel welcomed. From a friendly business tone to a sophisticated style to a cheery and upbeat narration style - whatever it takes, just let us know what you're looking for. Choose a style from the phone recording samples below and we'll quickly record and produce the audio files for your telephone system. Many times in 24-hours!

Whether your phone system is in the office or hosted by a cloud service provider, like a VoIP - we produce the audio files that can be uploaded or input into these setups. And our narrator, Kerry, can provide dial in services to record into extensions and mailboxes if needed.


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Friendly-Inviting On-Hold Messages Sample
Compilation On-Hold Messages
EMAIL for a quote and to get underway with producing your phone greetings

Professional Phone Recordings for Business - KMcAudio.com

KMcAudio.com for telephone recordings.

Dial-in recording services available for systems unable to input a pre-recorded audio file. .

KMcAudio - Customized telephone greetings helping companies sound great when customers call.

audio recordings for business phone systems

Audio Wharf is a full-service audio production studio.
Reliable, quick service and great sounding voice overs come from AudioWharf.com.

Kerry McCall Productions for Telephone Recordings

Every company wants to have that special resence on the phone that conveys confidence and professionalism to callers. Kerry has the polished, convincing, friendly female voice for messages on-hold and all business phone recordings, including small business auto-attendants and small business after hours voicemail greetings

When you need a professionally recorded phone greeting, it will be important to know what type of file your system requires for playback of the message. The most common audio file types used with business business systems, both in-house and cloud-based, include:

- Mp3

- PCMs: this is a 16-bit, 8 kHz wav file

- uLaw: an 8-bit, 8 kHz wav file

- and a 16-bit, 11 kHz wav file

Commonly, these files are inpout into systems via a thumb drive or through a desktop upload.

Be sure to check with your hosted provider or through tech support for an in-house system to see which type of file to use.

Yes, there's a lot of techno-talk here for these file types. So, if you need somethig other than a mp3 - be sure to ask what bitrate and kiloherz or sample rate works with the system.

voice recordings for phone systems

San Diego Female Voice Talent

When not out having fun at the beach, Kerry can be found in her voice over studio recording client scripts daily. With a voice that's warm, friendly or upbeat, soft or sophisticated, she lends the right vocal touch and treatment to the subject matter of the script. Clients count on her voiceovers to have a narrative flavor that is easy to understand while also sounding knowledgeable. A skilled voice actress, she knows great ways to communicate simple to complex content.

Next time you are casting for a voice over, whether on site at one of San Diego's production studios or online, ask for a quote and a short demo. Kerry simply offers the best in voice over and phone greeting recordings. ISDN sessions can be arranged.

Female heard on recordings for Nextiva, Ring Central and 8x8.         Check out Kerry's voice over and narration demos and samples.

Office: 619-282-2070
Ask for Kerry.


Female who does recordings for Phone.com, Grasshopper and Gizmo.
All of the above websites have voice talent who can professionally record greetings for use with online VoIPs and PBX's. Simply click through to get a quote for these services. These recorded greetings can be used on FluentStream, Quantum Voice, Nextiva, Vonage Business, Mitel MiCloud, Fonality, Efonica, 8x8, Ooma, VOIP Studio, Alliance Phones, Call Centric, Go2Call, Galaxy, DingoTel, Tpad, Grasshopper, Gizmo, Centrix, fonebox, Woize, Speakeasy, Line 2, Broadvoice, Jive, Phone.com, Ring Central, Virtual PBX, Snap Tel, etc.

When creating your phone menu greetings these
are some things to take note of:

Write your auto-attendant script so that callers are
directed quickly to their desired extension.

Make sure the keypresds options to choose from are the ones that are commonly requested by callers.

Be polite. Recorded phone messages can at times
be frustrating so treating callers with courtesy can
go a long way.
woman's voice heard on auto-attendants

Audio production services for voice overs and professional business phone recordings, greetings, ivr & on-hold.
Telephone voice prompts service provider for online VoIPs, PBXs
and in-house systems such as: Mitel, Avaya, Vonage and Cisco

Female voice talent providing voice over services from Kerry McCall Productions for
small business auto-attendants and small business voicemail greetings.

female voice for IVR phone recordings

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