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Female Voice Talent for Snap Recordings

Professional Voice Over For Phone Greeting - Auto-Attendant Example:

Line 2 Voice Over Talent who does Phone Greetings
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Phone advertising or marketing messages - professionally recorded on-hold messages for business:
Grasshopper, Ooma and Amazing Voice Phone Greeting Recording Voice Over Talent
For more information about professional voice overs for phone greetings email or call - 619-282-2070
Recordings for Phone Menus, Directories and Hold Messages

Auto-Attendants, Voicemail and Phone Prompts - KMcAudio.com

Professional business recordings for auto-attendants,
voicemail greetings, voice prompts, messages on-hold and music on-hold,

Phone recordings for virtual PBX or VOIP.
Dial-in recording services available for 1 auto-attendant to hundreds for older phones
that are unable to input phone recordings into the system.
Optional British Voices and Spanish Language voiceovers and translation available.

KMcAudio - Creating pro phone recordings for business.

Professional Female Narrator for Goodrich, Macy's, Domino's, Hyatt Hotels
Voice Overs for advertising, marketing, educational/tutorial, trade shows, web, video, presentations and business phone messages.

• Narration For Marketing and Training
• Recordings For Exhibits, Trade Shows, Announcements & more
• Multimedia narration for e-Learning and Instructional applications.
• Multimedia Presentations
• Sales Presentations
• Music On-Hold, On-Hold Messages and Auto Attendant Recordings
• Professional Voices for Voicemail Greetings and IVR Recordings

Audio Wharf is a full-service production studio offering a full menu of audio recording services and voiceovers. From narration for multimedia and the web to marketing recordings to recorded phone messages for callers waiting on-hold, auto-attendants and voicemail greetings and more. Free quotes, speedy service and great sounding audio recordings come from AudioWharf.com.

Lots of demos on this page!
For On-Hold Phone Messaging and Auto-Attendant Recordings

A polished-sounding female voice for messages on-hold
and all types of business phone recordings.

Female voice narration

Spanish Voice Overs

Spanish Voice Talent and English to Spanish translation services.
Spanish Language Voice Overs for phone recordings, voicemail greetings and more.

Email for more info.

Based in San Diego,
Kerry McCall is a Female Voice Overr Talent and Narrator.

San Diego Female Voice Talent

When not out having fun in the sun or at the beach, Kerry can be found in her voice over booth recording client scripts just about everyday. With a voice that's warm, friendly or upbeat, soft or sophisticated, she gives the right touch and treatment to the topic at-hand. You can count on voiceovers that are full of flavor and easy to understand, while also sounding knowledgeable. a great way to communicate simple or complex content.

Kerry has a lot foe experience with e-Learning, technology and professional recordings for business phone systems.

Professional Voice Over Talent for Intermedia, Ring Central, 8x8 Phone Greetings and Recordings

Office: 619-282-2070
Ask for Kerry.


Female Voice For Snap Recordings Phone Greetings

When it comes to finding options for obtaining professionally recorded phone greetings for use with online VOIPs and PBX's - all of the above websites can provide these recordings. Simply click through to get a quote for these services. These recorded greetings can be used on FluentStream, Quantum Voice, Nextiva, Vonage Business, Mitel MiCloud, Fonality, Efonica, 8x8, Ooma, VOIP Studio, Alliance Phones, Call Centric, Go2Call, Galaxy, DingoTel, Tpad, Grasshopper, Gizmo, Centrix, fonebox, Woize, Speakeasy, Line 2, Broadvoice, Jive, Phone.com, Ring Central, Virtual PBX, Snap Tel, etc.,