Professional Recordings for Voicemail, Auto-Attendants, On-Hold Messages and all Phone Greetings and Messages

Professional Voice Talent For Phone Recordings and Greetings

Kerry McCall is recognized as one of the most natural sounding voice talents whose specialty is creating a full spectrum of phone message recordings used by businesses nationwide.

Kerry McCall - The Phone Voice:

For when you want phone recordings that sound professional

When it's important to greet customers on all extensions with a Brand Consistant Voice

Because Kerry produces phone greetings a whole lot faster and does them correctly for playback in your system!

Professional Female Voice
Phone Recordings, Prompts, Greetings
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Kerry is a female voice talent who creates and produces telephone greeetings and messages for business. You've probably heard her voice recordings, as they're playing on business phone systems and telecommunications networks nationwide

Whether your system is in-house or in the cloud, audio files are created that interface easily with business phone systems.

• Auto-Attendants

• Voicemail Greetings

• Voice Prompts - IVR interactive voice response

• Sub-Directory Recordings

• Call Catcher Recordings

• On-Hold Messages

• Promotional Marketing Messages

• Announcement and Specialty

• Recorded Phone Promos

• Call Center Greetings

Telephone Scripts Samples

Along with providing phone greeting recordings, narration voice over services for business are also available. Click to hear narration demos.

Female voice person for voicemail, auto-attendants and phone prompts

Female voice overs for phone systems - professionally voiced recordings for auto-attendants, voicemail, prompts and IVR

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