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Kerry McCall has provided voice recordings for a broad range of clients that include the arts and aerospace, technology and medical, finance, lifestyle, travel and more. You may have heard her on TV and radio commercials, multimedia projects, phone greetings, as the voice of radio imaging, or in training and marketing videos. Her voice overs have provided the “how-to” of hoisting yourself up into a semi truck - correctly, or tempting you with great deals on electronics, sunscreen or “trade show specials”, even announcing the way to the exit for those escaping a burning building. Recording requests come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak, filling days in the studio with an endless variety of what's to be recorded next. Let Kerry step up to the mic for your voice over project.


Making the words in a script come to life is the goal of each voice recording. Whether it's a casual, lifestyle project or a complex topic, Kerry is adept at adjusting her voice style to fit the content. Finished recordings are provided as high quality audio files in the file format requested. Click below to listen to samples of commercials and narration voice styles. And be sure to call or email for a free quote for your project.

Listen to Voice Over Demos

Additional Voice Services:

Radio Imaging - Voice Imaging for radio station liners, sweepers, announcements, IDs and promos. Kerry offers versatility and variety for a number of formats.
Radio Imaging Voice Demos

On-Hold Messages and Voicemail Greetings - Recordings for business phone systems and mobile phones: auto-attendants, voicemail, music on-hold and customized on-hold messages. Produced audio recordings provided in various audio file formats for phone systems or even as dial-in recordings.

Listen to On-Hold Messages & Voicemail Greetings

Studio Capabilities:

Digital recording studio equipped with ISDN.

What You Can Count On:

Recordings that save time and money and client projects on track from start to completion. Attention to service and detail throughout every aspect of a recording project. You may become one of those clients who keeps coming back for an exceptional recording and customer experience.

How The Recording Process Works

Getting Started:

Call or email to discuss a project. A project's timetable for completion, the type of audio file(s) required, the length of the script and other details are important in determining the scope of a project. Quotes are free.


Once a script has been approved the voice over or narration is often recorded the same day or completed within one business day. Long or extensive scripts require additional time to complete. Clients are always updated on the progress of a recording project and given estimated completion times.


It's the basis for cost estimation for voice over services. The script also provides an opportunity to clarify pronunciation for unusual or technical words, even acronyms. Once a script is approved as the "final" version, then it's time to step into the studio to begin recording.


Using state-of-the-art digital equipment, the script is recorded and fully edited. Clients are always provided with clean, clear, high quality voice recordings. And Kerry's studio is conveniently equipped with ISDN.

For Lengthy Scripts:

At a client's request or if the script is extensive, it may work best to record a small portion of the script (3 to 4 sentences) as a demo. This sample is sent as an mp3 file for client review to insure the voice and read style are on track. Adjustments in vocal style and pacing are easy to make at this juncture saving time on the project.

Download Link or Email:

The finished voice over is converted to the required audio file format and delivered by email or FTP download link.

Call or email for information and an estimate for your next project.

Office: 619-282-2070 Email: kerry@kerrymccall.com

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