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Professional Voice Overs and Narration    Female whose voice is heard on Domino's Pizza Phone recordings and Line 2.    ISDN Voice Talent

From the script: [Removing headphones, placing them on mic stand. Turning to face the camera. In a friendly, conversational tone: ] "Hi, I'm Kerry McCall. My voice overs serve a diverse range of businesses and enterprises that include the arts and aerospace, lifestyle and technology, business and finance, health and fitness, the medical and hospitality industries and more. My vocal tone can sound youthful or middle-aged, friendly, approachable, confident, upbeat or comforting. You may have heard me on TV and radio commercials, videos and multimedia projects, phone greetings and training, advertising and marketing presentations. My days in the studio are always interesting...sometimes I'm narrating something like the “how-to” of hoisting yourself up into a semi truck correctly - or recording a commercial for a great deal on power tools or shampoo - or producing a client's on-hold messages for their phone system. With a variety of clients new and old and ever-changing subject matter, each recording request always makes it a fun, creative way to spend my days in the studio. I'd love to step up to the mic for your recording needs! [Cut]


So, my storyboard is that I can cover a lot of ground in a natural delivery style: from casual, lifestyle oriented content to complex topics and everything in between.

You know all that time you've spent learning how to be an expert at what you do? I've done that for voice overs. You can use the link below to listen to narration and commercials demos. Call or email for a quote for your script. ISDN sessions available. Just don't ask me to get in front of a camera!

Voice Over Samples

Turnaround Time:

When a script has been approved, it can often be recorded in a day. Long or extensive scripts will need additional time to complete.

Professional voice greetings for business phones - Recording and producing main menu and other directory prompts. Small businesses phone recordings welcome.

Professional Voice Overs for business phone systems

You Can Expect:

A friendly, responsive experience with attention to detail throughout the entire project. Then sprinkle in an upbeat attitude with your project delivered on time. Oh! And an American-accent voice.

Office: 619-282-2070                          Shoot Me An Email

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Female narrator on the Discovery and Travel Channels
Kerry McCall, female voice talent providing voice overs for commercials, narration, tutorials, eLearning, multimedia, on-hold messages and professionally recorded phone greetings for business.

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